The Summit will begin at 8:30 am on Monday, September 24 and conclude at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, September 25. The Summit agenda is centered around building relationships, with significant time and space dedicated to connecting you to other participants you may not normally interact with but will find value in getting to know. The speakers and panelists will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas that will inspire and challenge us to take a new look at long-standing issues across our region.


Together, we will all have an opportunity to hear from Governor Ralph Northam, who will be delivering his first speech about our food system. We’ll also hear from experts in the field, who will share best practices for building a better supply chain and eliminating barriers between producers and buyers. To guide our discussions, we will learn together about the history of food in our region. We will hear about the economics of working in the food chain and how we can mobilize resources to finance a better food system. We are thrilled to invite corporate leaders to share what it takes to scale good food companies in and beyond our region.


We will also gather in smaller groups to gain the perspectives of and learn more about the challenges facing funders, farmers, retailers, investors, and chefs. We will have problem-solving conversations closing the grocery gap in urban and rural areas and reducing food waste. We are excited to invite experts to present the latest news about the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Distributors, community organizations, and companies will gather for a critical conversation around procuring good food for our region’s institutions. Farmers, professors, and advocates will discuss approaches for sustainable agriculture in the region. In all of these conversations, we will consider how we can work together to build a regional food system that ensures sustainability, health, and equity for all.


In addition to plenary and breakout sessions, we are creating spaces for participants to connect across sectors and build new relationships. In between sessions, we will hear some of our region’s leaders share, for the first time, announcements of major food system initiatives. Game-changing organizations will be joining us to provide interactive demonstrations of the region’s latest and greatest innovations. We will be showcasing some of the region’s entrepreneurs and their market-based solutions for our food system.


Stay tuned for the full Chesapeake Food Summit agenda.

The Chesapeake Food Summit is an unique opportunity for our region’s food system leaders to come together as one community to form new relationships within the food sector, share the latest innovations, and build on the great work already happening to strengthen the Chesapeake region’s growing food economy.

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