Who Should Attend:

  • Nonprofit leaders and community advocates eager to share their vision their vision for our food system and exchange ideas with the business community

  • Policymakers who want to hear from constituents from across the region and announce their newest ideas

  • Producers who are interested in sustainable practices and accessing regional markets

  • Manufacturers, distributors, food retailers, and hospitality executives looking to support and source from the communities in which they work

  • Investors looking for co-investors or new opportunities that support a thriving regional food system

  • Health care professionals, educators, and others concerned about the health of our food system and opportunities to reduce hunger, increase nutrition, and eliminate inequality in our region

  • Local, regional, and national media contacts interested in learning about the dynamic regional food economy that our nation’s capital is a part of

The Chesapeake Food Summit is an unique opportunity for our region’s food system leaders to come together as one community to form new relationships within the food sector, share the latest innovations, and build on the great work already happening to strengthen the Chesapeake region’s growing food economy.

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