The 2019 Chesapeake Food Summit will build on the momentum of the first Chesapeake Food Summit last September, when the Washington Regional Food Funders (WRFF) gathered over 400 food system leaders to celebrate recent progress and share the latest innovations in our region's food system. Based on widespread interest in coming together to strengthen our food system, we have the opportunity to turn that momentum to collective action.


This year, the Chesapeake Food Summit will reconvene a diverse and cross-sector group of leaders to

focus on optimizing the Chesapeake region’s food supply chain to deliver nutritious and affordable food, good jobs, sustainable sourcing, and positive health outcomes for all.


Together, we will identify what’s working well, where the gaps are, and what can be done collaboratively to fill them. Summit participants will come away with an increased awareness of the opportunities to support our regional supply chain, concrete solutions to address those, and new partners to implement shared priorities.


The Food Summit will take place on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Our venue, Union Market, has a deep history as a center of food commerce in the nation's capital. The surrounding Union Market District is renowned for launching and scaling food businesses and for creating community around diverse yet like-minded entrepreneurs. With Union Market at its center, it is the perfect setting to bring together leaders from all sectors of our food system to innovate and create new paths forward.


What We’ll Accomplish

Currently, there is no other event in the region that brings together all the leaders from across our food system–including  farmers, fishers, producers, distributors, retailers, chefs, nonprofit leaders, donors, investors, policymakers, educators, media, and consumers–at this scale. In order to leverage the collective impact of this group, we are designing the program to help participants:


Highlight Success Stories

All across our regional food supply chain, there are innovators and entrepreneurs that have provided proof of concept for ways to strengthen our food system. The Summit will highlight these bright spots as models for the rest of the region.


Form New Partnerships

We’ve heard from many participants that the 2018 Summit spurred new relationships across the region that enabled entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, nonprofits to expand operations, and business leaders to collaborate with community leaders. This year will be no different. During interactive workshops and networking sessions, participants will find common ground with leaders in different sectors to accelerate their work.


Mobilize Action

The Summit will tee up concrete conversations on how to solve the biggest challenges facing the region’s supply chain and help participants identify the actions and partners necessary to bring the most impactful supply chain solutions to scale. These discussions will provide clear next steps to catalyze action following the Summit.


We will be launching our program in the coming weeks, so check back soon.

The Chesapeake Food Summit is an unique opportunity for our region’s food system leaders to come together as one community to form new relationships within the food sector, share the latest innovations, and build on the great work already happening to strengthen the Chesapeake region’s growing food economy.

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